This is my twist on the Twilight story. Only role playing goes on here. :)
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 The Rules!!

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Nycole Jean
Nycole Jean

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The Rules!! Empty
PostSubject: The Rules!!   The Rules!! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 1:08 am

1. You must be active. If not, your account will be deleted. Please post in the Hellos/Goodbyes topic if you go on vacation or won't be online for a long time. If not you will get 3 reminder emails before your account is deleted.

2. ABSOLUTELY NO CURSING IS ALLOWED!!!! If I catch you, you will be banned for a week. If I catch you again, your account will be deleted.

3. Only one account is allowed unless I tell you otherwise. Kris Cage is also able to allow you this too.

4. Don't give out ANY personal information such as real names, passwords, etc. Under ANY circumstances!!

5. If you ask me and I say no, don't keep asking.

6. Be respectful to other members, even if they aren't to you.

7. no godmodding or power playing! (Pm the person for permission before Power playing another person's character.)

8. Most importantly......HAVE FUN!!!! Very Happy

Please report it to either me or Kris Cage if anyone breaks the rules. But PLEASE don't report little things. Thank you.
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The Rules!!
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