This is my twist on the Twilight story. Only role playing goes on here. :)
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 Species and what they are!

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Species and what they are! Empty
PostSubject: Species and what they are!   Species and what they are! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 1:20 am

Humans- You should know what Humans are....because you are one! I hope.
Vampires- You know...those pale creatures that look like humans but drink blood?
Werewolves- These beasts are also known as The Children of the Night. They only turn into their wolf like form on a full moon.
Shape shifters- Can shift into an animal when they get angry and CAN control when they shift. (ex: Jacob Black)
Half Angels- Humans that have the blood of angels in them. Either by one of their parents being an angel (this type is stronger) or an angel has saved them and given them a second chance at life.
Angels- God's messengers/soldiers.
Half Demons- Has a parent that was a demon or was saved by a demon (this is VERY rare)
Demons- The devil's messengers/soldiers.
Half animal- Have ears and a tail of an animal (your choice) and have personalities to match that of their animal.
Fallen Angels- Angels cast down from heaven for going against God's will.

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Species and what they are!
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