This is my twist on the Twilight story. Only role playing goes on here. :)
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 Acceptable Powers

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Acceptable Powers Empty
PostSubject: Acceptable Powers   Acceptable Powers Icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 12:39 pm

Telekinesis- Can move things with your mind.
Allusion- Can make people see and hear whatever you want.
Speed- Is faster than usual creatures of their kind (like Edward)
Mind Reading- Can read the minds of everyone except for those with mental shields. (like Edward)
Emotion Reading and Changer- Can read and change emotions (like Jasper)
Psychic- Can read the future (like Alice)
Strength- Has more strength than usual creatures of their kind (like Emmett)
Mental Shield- Reflects Allusion, Mind reading, and Psychics. (like Bella)
Physical Shield- Can produce and invisible force field that reflects physical contact.

You may only have up to 2 powers each character and PM me or Kris Cage with any suggestions please.
Humans may not have powers except for mental shields and please don't make too many of humans or creatures with powers. It's supposed to be rare.
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Acceptable Powers
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